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The Specialty Vehicles and Equipment division of Navitas Credit Corp. prides itself on the ability to tailor a financing solution for its vendor partners and business clients. Navitas, as a direct lender and national syndication originator, can offer many different leasing and financing programs. The company listens to the needs of its customers and works to craft the financial plan which best fits every situation. Unlike its competitors, Navitas is creative and flexible - offering non-traditional structures and special programs when appropriate. Our special programs include, but are not limited to:

Private Sales – When a client acquires equipment from another business (a private sale) there is additional work and risk on the part of the lender. Most lessors and equipment finance companies are unable to fund such transactions. However, Navitas is willing to fund private sale transactions with proper verification and documentation.

Seasonal Programs – Many of our clients are active in industries which are highly seasonal. Navitas works closely with our clients to match payments to their cash flow and revenue generation. Navitas offers flexible payment structures in order to best serve the needs of its clients.

Low (or No) Up-front Cost – Unexpected acquisitions may cause immediate and severe cash flow stress because of required down payments or advance payments by other lenders. Navitas can consider transactions with no up-front cost. It is our objective to assist businesses to acquire needed equipment while preserving their cash flow.

Deferred Payment Programs – Equipment acquisitions usually allow businesses to increase their future revenue streams. However, the increase of income is often delayed by several months because of an equipment ramp-up period. Navitas can offer programs which will reduce payments during the initial few months in order to allow the equipment to reach its full income producing potential.

Leases or Loans – Depending upon your ownership needs of the equipment you are financing, Navitas can build the right plan to meet your usage goals.

New Business Financing – This program offers businesses from 6 months to 2 years to receive up to $50,000 in financing. Special rates available based on credit strength of the business. Qualifying businesses must provide a spousal personal guarantee and a 20% down payment will be required.

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