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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, simply offering a cash price is no longer a viable sales strategy. Your customers are struggling to find ways to obtain the equipment they need to keep growing without depleting cash reserves or using their credit lines for short term purchases. Here are 10 reasons you can’t ignore on why you need to start offering your customers financing today.

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Even the Playing Field – The majority of equipment dealers are currently including payment options along with their cash price...don't lose a sale to a competitor because your customer didn't know financing was available.

Double Your Closing Options – Cash only gives you one way to win the deal. By offering low monthly payment plans, you give your customers two ways to say “YES”.

Increase Your Closing Ratios by Eliminating Price Shopping – Make the price affordable at the point of sale and your prospects will spend less time trying to find a better price and buy from you.

Lock in Your Service & Supply Revenue – Our “All-In-One” financing program allows you to include your product price, service, supply, installation, training and even shipping costs into one all-inclusive low monthly payment.

Lock Out Your Competitors – By including your service revenue in the monthly lease payment, you stop your competitors from potentially taking away your on-going service revenue.

Satisfy More Customers – Are your customers buying what they really need from you or only what they can afford? Providing the right solution at the right price with affordable payment plans deliver customers that keep coming back to you.

Increase Your Average Sales Size – Don't let your customers limited budgets impact your revenue; include add-ons, peripherals, warrantees or additional supplies in the financed amount for only a few extra dollars per month.

Move More of Your Higher Ticket Products – By pricing your more expensive equipment or software with extended payment plans, your customers will find these solutions more affordable and you can watch your profit margins grow.

Minimize Discounting – When you “lead with leasing” you can avoid the cash price negotiation game which often leads to price reductions. If your customers can’t afford the cash outlay, offer financing and protect your profits.

Enhance Your Profit Margins – When you must give up margin on a cash transaction let your financing sales make up the difference by building in extra revenue for your company into every deal.

Navitas gives you the instant ability to start offering your customers affordable payment plans without you having to do any extra work.

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Before utilizing your valuable cash, use financing as the most effective means of acquiring the equipment and software you need while protecting your cashflow.


Equipment Sellers

Let our Navitas Financing Specialists build custom financing solutions that help your customers achieve their equipment procurement goals.